June 8, 2008


10th Sunday – A

Matthew 9: 9-13

The Same Call, The Same Love

Jesus offers Matthew, the tax collector, the same invitation that he gave Peter and Andrew, the two fishermen in 4:21. All of them receive the same calling. The teacher offers it in the exact same manner, regardless of what type of people they are and what they do. There is no distinction of treatment here.

Then Jesus shares a meal with Matthew’s friends, who are “tax collectors and sinners.” He is willing to identify and associate himself with them.

Jesus shows us that he loves all equally. There is no distinction in God.

In addition, maybe the name of Matthew adds more to the meaning of the passage. His name means “the gift of Yahweh.” In the life and story of this sinner - turned apostle we experience the gift from Yahweh to all, namely, Jesus, God’s only Son, who is the revelation and sacrament of God’s love for us.