February 27, 2016

3rd Sunday - C


God’s Time and Care

In the parable, the gardener asks the landowner to spare the fig tree, saying “Sir, leave it for this year also.”

The Greek verb here translated “to leave” is the same verb Jesus uses for “to forgive” in teaching us the Our Father (“forgive us our sins”11:4) and in his prayer on the cross (“Father, forgive them” 23:34) [1] .

God’s forgiveness comes with time, opportunities, and God’s grace, like fertilizers for the fig tree, for us sinners to change, to grow, and to bear fruits.

[1] http://www.progressiveinvolvement.com

3rd Sunday of Lent - C (February 28, 2016)


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February 20, 2016

2nd Sunday of Lent - C



While Jesus was praying his face changed in appearance and his clothing became dazzling white.”

One of the disciplines of Lent is prayer. When we pray, we come more deeply in touch with God. We also have a taste of God's glory, the glory that definitely cannot be contained in any tent made by human hands, which Peter thought of making.

When we pray, we also have the opportunity to listen to the Son. And in so doing, we become more like God, whose glory is revealed to us in the Son.  

2nd Sunday of Lent - C (February 21, 2016)


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1st Sunday of Lent - C

Luke4: 1-13

The Son of God's MO

The three temptation Jesus faces are
1. Temptation to satisfy his own needs and self-centeredness,
2. Temptation to control and others and have them serve his needs,
3. Temptation to control even God and to have God serve me.

That is the devil's MO.

The true Son of God's MO is the loving service of God and all humanity, even to the point of death.

That was how Jesus spent his life. And he fulfilled the mission of bringing God to us and us to God. He showed us the love of God as the face of the Father's mercy. 

1st Sunday of Lent - C (February 14, 2016)


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February 6, 2016

5th Sunday - C


The Word of God

Last week, Jesus went to Nazareth. He reached out to his townfolk. Yet, they drove him away.

Today, the crowd come to Jesus. They even “press in on” him and “listen to the word of God.”

They must have recognized who he is. It is worth to note that here Luke uses the Greek noun “logos” - translated to “word” in the singular. The people do not just listen to some person's words. Is Luke drawing the readers' attention to the fact that Jesus is God's Word made flesh?

How about me? Do I have the same hunger or eagerness to press in on Jesus and listen the Word of God?

Consider spending time with Jesus in Sacred Scriptures during the Season of Lent.

5th Sunday - C (February 7, 2016)


Image source: Jan Brueghel the Elder, Christ Preaching at the Sea of Galilee