November 24, 2018

Solemnity of Christ the King - B (November 25, 2018)

Christ’s Kingdom Does Not Belong to this World

The author of the Book of Revelation professes that Jesus Christ “has made us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father.”  Jesus did that when he came to live in the world, then died and rose from the dead.

That kingdom is present in this world, but that “kingdom does not belong to this world” (Gospel).

In this time of the year, we can get caught up in shopping, in buying and selling.  We live in the world where people fight over influence, compete for popularity and fame, where jealousy, hatred, violence, and war have not been banished. 

Where are our priorities?  Am I building a kingdom in this world or Christ’s kingdom, which does not belong to this world?

 Image source:  Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Basilica of St. Peter's, Vatican

November 10, 2018

32nd Sunday - B (November 11, 2018)

The Offering of Life

The poor widow “has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.”

The word for “livelihood” can also be translated as “life.”
Besides, logically speaking, since she has contributed all she has to live on she has offered to God her very life.

Last week, Jesus taught the commandment of loving God with one’s whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

This week, Jesus gives us the example of this woman who offers God her life.

And by this time, Jesus is already in Jerusalem.  Soon, he will sacrifice his very life as the gift of love to God and to all humanity. 

When we receive the Eucharist, we receive this gift of Jesus’ life.  And He empowers us to love as he does.  

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November 3, 2018

31st Sunday - B (November 4, 2018)

“You are not far from the kingdom of God”

The scribe acknowledges Jesus’ teaching of the greatest commandment – love God and love your neighbor.  And Jesus tells him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.”

Jesus came to inaugurated the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God is not just about the future or the afterlife.  It will reach its fullness then.  But it is already here among us. 

The more we love, the more we live and spread that kingdom. 
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