February 27, 2009


1st Sunday of Lent - B
Mark 1: 12-15

A New Creation Restored by Jesus’ Obedience

After the disobedience of the first humans, there came discord and conflict between people, between humanity and the animals as well as all of nature (Genesis 3:14-21). There was no longer the original peace and harmony of God’s creation (Genesis 2: 15-25) [1]

Now, as Jesus begins the new creation, God’s original plan for creation is restored. Jesus is portrayed being in the desert, among wild beasts, and the angels minister to him (Mark 1:13).

Jesus restores creation to its original goodness by his obedience to the Father. St. Mark stresses that it is the Spirit who “drives Jesus out into the desert” (Mark 1:12). Jesus does not act on his own. He is obedient to the will of the Father expressed in the action of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ obedience is enough to restore the Father’s plan for creation. Therefore, he can proclaim, “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” He is the revelation and the realization of God’s Kingdom. Now is the time of fulfillment of God’s plan, the plan for our well-being and redemption.

[1] Moloney, Francis J. This is the Gospel of the Lord – Year B. Homebush, NSW, Australia: St. Paul, 1993, p. 88.

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