July 25, 2009


17th Sunday – B
John 6: 1-15

Does God fit my plan?

A large crowd follows Jesus “because they have seen the signs he was performing on the sick” (v.2). It seems that they follow Jesus either because they are curious or because they want to see more signs.

They come with their own agenda. Therefore, after witnessing Jesus multiplying the bread and fish to feed them, they want to make him king (v.15).

Their own agenda prevents them from seeing God’s agenda for them. Their own agenda blocks their ears to hear Jesus’ words that give life. Their own agenda blocks their eyes from seeing Jesus the true bread from heaven.

The crowd wants to fit God into their worldly agenda. Unfortunately, their own agenda prevents them from living in the reality of God’s reign that Jesus has brought them. They want more, but fail to appreciate the gift of God.

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