September 26, 2009


26th Sunday - B
Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

The Kingdom is both costly and cheap

Jesus came to proclaim and establish the Kingdom of God. And since, there is nothing more valuable. It is so precious that it's worth losing a hand, a foot, or an eye so as not to lose the Kingdom. And it is so precious that it's better for a person to die a violent death than to live and cause "one of the little ones" to sin and lose the Kingdom.

And at the same time, the Kingdom seems so cheap. A cup of water given to a person because that person belongs to Christ is enough to win the reward of the Kingdom.

The gift of the Kingdom, so precious, has been made so cheap and plentiful. It is possible solely because the Kingdom is a free gift that God gives gratuitously to anyone who is willing to accept it.

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