October 2, 2009


27th Sunday - B (October 4, 2009)
Mark 10:2-16

Can It BePossible?

Many of us probably have had the experience of dealing with loopholes, being either the ones who tried to look for and took advantage of loopholes, or the ones who suffered when somebody else did that to us.

And when that happens in any human relationship, it is impossible for it to be authentic.

That seems to be the attitude of the Pharisees who test Jesus in this passage in Mark's Gospel. They want to find loopholes for their selfish gains.

And in response, Jesus gives the plan that God has for human relationships "from the beginning of creation." Such relationships existed before selfishness and sins destroyed the fullness of God's love in us.

Then, taken in the context of the entire Gospel according to Mark, this passage of 10:2-16 forms a part of Jesus' teaching on God's Kingdom as he journeys towards Jerusalem (beginning at 8:31). There, he will restore the original goodness of God's plan of love with the ultimate sacrifice of his life on the cross. With his gift of self, Jesus enables human relationships to be authentic again.

On our part, authentic relationships are possible if we accept Jesus' gift of himself like a child, who totally depends on the love and care of a mother or a father. Once we accept ourselves, and all we have and are as God's generous and gratuitous gift, then we can give ourselves to others generously.

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