November 14, 2009


33rd Sunday - B
Mark 13:24-32

What's certain, and what's not?

The way Jesus explains it, everything of this world that we take for granted will not last. That's certain. It begins with the end of the physical realities of the sun and the moon darkened, and the stars falling from the sky -- traditional Jewish cosmic signs of the end time. And it extends to the powers that people might think control events of life. All will end. And that is certain.

It is also certain that the power of God, revealed in "the Son of Man" will prevail. And it is not by accident. He will come to "gather his elect."

When that will happen is uncertain to us.

Yet, that we are God's elect is certain. And Jesus assures us that his words will not pass away. That fact should give us hope, even when everything we know passes away.

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