December 5, 2009


2nd Sunday of Advent - C
Luke 3:1-6

God in human time and place

St. Luke gives us a list of the civil and religious leaders at the time when John the Baptist introduced Jesus.
Luke also gives us the location of John's ministry. Why? Is Luke interested in teaching us a history lesson?

Not quite. But that is how Luke tells us that it is in a concrete moment of human history, at a particular location that "the Word of God came to John."

The Word of God entered and altered human history for ever. And that happened "within the setting of ordinary, every-day event and personalities." [1]

God continues to reveals God's love and presence among us in the same way. As John proclaims, "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God." It is in the here and now that we all can encounter the eternal God.

How can I prepare for such an encounter? How can I become more sensitive and alert for God's saving presence in my daily and ordinary life?

[1] Francis J Moloney, SDB. This is the Gospel of the Lord: Year C. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1994, p. 50.

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