March 12, 2010


3rd Sunday of Lent - C
Luke 13:1-9

Figs from a Fig Tree

In the parable, the landowner comes "in search of fruit on [the] fig tree." In a sense, he expects no miracles but the ordinary. The fig tree is expected to bear figs.

In the similar way, the gardener pleads with the landowner to give the fig tree more time, while he intends to "cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it" so that "it may bear fruit." Again, the gardener is going to help the fig tree to do what it is supposed to do -- producing figs.

Such is the story of the Christian life. Such is the call to holiness for each one of us. With God's help, we are to become holy according to our unique vocation, in the circumstances of our particular life. That is God's invitation for us to become holy, to bear fruits, in the ordinary of our daily life.

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