May 15, 2010


Luke 24:46-53

Christ's Ascension and Our Lives

There seems to be a clear reason why this passage from the Gospel of Luke is read together with the first reading from Acts 1:1-11 (the first reading of this feast). In these two passages, the behaviors of the disciples appear to contradict each other.

In Acts, they look " intently at the sky" as Jesus leaves them. They need to be told to stop looking.

However, in the Gospel passage, they return to Jerusalem, where Jesus previously instructed them to begin their mission. It is from there they will preach in his name.

This mission given to all disciples of Jesus to carry out until he "[returns] in the same way as [the disciples] have seen him going into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

These two behaviors of the disciples, which may appear contradictory, teach us that as followers of Jesus, we must live with our eyes fixed on heaven and our feet firmly rooted on the ground. Where Jesus has gone, we will follow; yet, it is in our daily life here on earth that we must be witnesses of God's saving action.

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