January 8, 2011


Baptism of the Lord - A
Matthew 3: 13-17

The Heavens Were Opened

At the baptims of Jesus in the Jordan, the voice from the heavens proclaimed him God's beloved Son.

The proclamation of Jesus as the Son of God comes with the opening of the heavens. The verb is used in the passive voice -- "the heavens were opened."

God, with the sending of His Son, opens the heavens - the separation between humanity and God [1]. Now, men and women can communicate with God through the Son. In fact, through the Son's coming to us, God makes us God's sons and daughters.

Jesus is God's beloved Son. So am I, a beloved child of God.

[1] Daniel J. Harrington, The Gospel of Matthew (Sacra Pagina Series). Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1991; p. 62.

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