November 11, 2011

33rd Sunday - A (November 13, 2011)

Matthew 25: 14 -30

Each According to His Ability

For three weeks straight, the Gospel parables are about the end of time and how one should act in the in-between time.

Today, in Jesus' words, the master gave his possessions to his servants, "to each according to his ability."

Upon his return, the servant who received five talents was rewarded for making five more, "according to his ability." In the same way, the servant who received two talents was rewarded for making two more, "according to his ability." He did not have to make five.

In the same logic, the third servant is expected to make just one talent, "according to his ability."
The master is not "a demanding person" as this servant believes him to be.

This servant fails to make profit of what has been entrusted to him, "according to his ability."

God always gives us more than we acknowledge. It's time for us to look with gratitude into the gifts we have received, and make profit with them according to our ability.

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