January 7, 2012

Epiphany (January 8, 2012)

Matthew 2: 1-12

Why Only Some People Find the Newborn King

Matthew makes it clear that the magi do not have all the tools they need in their search for the newborn king. They do not have the guidance of the prophets nor the religious heritage to guide them. Understandably, they think that the king of the Jews should be born in Jerusalem.

Yet, it is not the people that have the tools who find the newborn king. They include the chief priests, the scribes, King Herod, and probably "all Jerusalem with him." Even when they have reread the words of the prophet and have heard of the magi's search, they do not even set out looking for the king.

Why the difference?

The magi have the longing for the Messiah. Therefore, once they notice his star, they set out on their journey. They come with gifts, ready to pay their homage to the newborn king.

The other people, on the contrary, do not feel the need for him. All they have is just some idea or concept about him. Therefore, it makes no difference that they have all the tools. It makes no difference that the Messiah was even born in their own land.

Who is God for me? Some idea, concept? Or is He the one who alone can fulfills all the longings and desires of my life?

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