May 20, 2012

7th Sunday of Easter - B (May 20, 2012)

John 17: 11b- 19

Jesus Prays for Us

In the Gospel According to John, now we come to the end of the Last Supper.  The event is so essential in John's understanding of Jesus that John dedicates five chapters to report it. (The entire book has 21 chapters).

And these verses to which we listen today come close to the end of this 5-chapter long report of Jesus' words and action.  In just 7 verses, his passion begins with him in the garden and then his arrest.

At this moment, as Jesus prepares to fulfill his mission, in his last words, he prays for his disciples.

How often do I remember that Jesus prays for me?  He does that always, even as he prepared to die for me!

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