August 11, 2012

19th Sunday - B

John 6: 41-51

The Father Draws All to the Son

As Jesus continues the teaching on his gift of the Bread of Life, he teaches us that our faith and knowledge of God are first and foremost the gift from God. 

We do not come up with our faith in God.  We do not invent the God who we believe in.  Nor is our God the product of our quest.  [1]

It is God reveals Himself to us.  And this revelation takes place in the coming of the Son among the human race.   And we now know that “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him.”

Moreover, there is no discrimination with God since “They shall be all taught by God.” 

Indeed, in Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, the Father draws us all to know and believe in Him.
[1] Francis J. Moloney, This is the Gospel of the Lord – Year B.  Homebush, NSW, Australia: St. Paul Publications, 1993: p. 172.

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