October 5, 2012

27th Sunday - B

Mark 10: 2 - 16

The Goodness of God Restored

The Gospel of Mark begins with the proclamation, "The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."  Then, with Jesus in the desert, Mark portrays Jesus "among wild beast, and the angels ministered to him" (1: 13).  Thus, Mark indicates that the Son of God has come to restore the original goodness of God’s creation, where there is perfect harmony. [1] 

Next, the very first words of Jesus’ preaching confirms this new time.  Jesus announces, "This is the time of fulfilment"  (1:13).

In this context must we look at this Sunday’s Gospel.  

In his response to the Pharisees’ challenge, Jesus takes us back to the original plan of the loving God for all creation.  

Living in the Kingdom of God demands attitudes and behaviors that may be impossible and unreasonable by human standards.  

With the child-like appreciation and awe must we welcome God’s generous gift of love.

With the gift of God’s love, men and women can live truly as children of God.  In marriage, they are a sacrament, sign and instrument of God’s grace.  They no longer act our of selfish ego and desire.  They love and share the love of God.  They bring God’s love to others.  

That is "God’s original design for men and women." [2]    It was once disrupted by human sins and selfishness; it is now restored by the presence of Christ to establish the Reign of God.

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