November 3, 2012

31st Sunday - B

Mark 12: 28-34

Just One, and Enough

When the scribe asks Jesus the question, "Which is the first of all the commandments?", he seems to be an honest seeker. He is not out to trap Jesus like some other scribes and the religious leaders, who by this time in Mark's Gospel have been in all kinds of conflicts with Jesus.

This scribe is honestly seeking for some priority of the "365 prohibitions and 248 positive commands" in Jewish Law and practices. [1]

Jesus gives the answer citing the two laws that are already in Jewish teaching and practice, as found in the Law that God gave to Moses. However, Jesus now makes them one law, the law of love.

Without love, all the regulations and practices become obligations.

Without love, there is no meaning in relationship, whether with God or with fellow men and women.

Without love, there is no meaning in worship or act of charity.

With love, everything has meaning.

Moreover, for those who accept God's Kingdom, their love becomes the presence and expression of God's love.  

God is love, as Jesus teaches and lives.  Therefore, where there is love, there is God.  

One Law is enough.  And Jesus lives it!

 [1] Francis J. Moloney, The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary.  Peabody, MA: Hendrikson Publishers, 2002; p. 240..

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