December 29, 2012

Holy Family


Trying to Understand and Carry Out God’s Plan

One way of reflecting on this Gospel passage from Luke is to focus on the interactions between Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  As we do this, ask if you find the similar experiences in your own family.

-          The parents were religious observant Jews.  They made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem every year.  They made sure their son is raised in the religious tradition of the people, according to God’s covenant with their ancestors

-          When they discovered that their twelve-year-old son is not where they thought he would and should be, they go looking for him.

-          They were “with great anxiety.”

-          They probably were also terrified. 

        Were they arguing as they tried to figure out what happened? Did they feel guilty?

-          Should Jesus’ answer “Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” be taken as his sincere effort to explain to his parents what had happened? Was Jesus trying to help his parents understand his mission? Did they take it that way?

-          Did they think he was obnoxious, not willing to admit what he had done?  Were they angry or upset at him? 

        Did they get even more confused?

As confused as Joseph and Mary were, Jesus went home with them, and “was obedient to them.”

Under their guidance, he “advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man.”

This can be the same reality in a young person’s trying to discover God’s vocation and plan for him or her.

How does it work in my own experience?

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