June 8, 2013

10th Sunday - C

Luke 7:11-17

Jesus’ Compassion and an Experience of God

Often, in a miracle, people ask Jesus for help.  Uniquely, in this miracle, it is Jesus, who is “moved with pity” for the mother, takes the initiative to raise her son back to life.

This miracle is only found in the Gospel According to Luke.

In two other passages that are unique to Luke, the same expression is also used.  

Jesus uses the same expression to describe the Good Samaritan’s attitude when he sees the man who has fallen victim to the robbers (10:33). There also, it is the Good Samaritan who takes the initiative to help the victim.  

And so is the father in the parable of the father and the two sons in Chapter 15 (more commonly referred to as the parable of the prodigal son).  When the younger son returns, it is the father, who “is filled with compassion,” runs to his son.

The English translation uses either “compassion” or “pity,” for the same Greek word used by Luke in these three instances.

In showing his compassion for others, Jesus reveals the presence of God’s love and God’s Reign.  In his compassion, people recognize that “God has visited his people.”

Thomas E. Boomershine, “Storytelling Commentary on Luke 7:11-17.” 

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