October 26, 2013

30th Sunday - C

Luke 18: 9 – 14

The Grace of Imperfection

The Pharisees does everything right.  And he knows that.

His problem is that he thinks he gets it all right.  Even the prayer is the words that “he speaks to himself.”  While he thank God with words, he takes all the credits for himself.
Consequently, he has no need for God.

The tax collector, on the contrary, is a sinner.  He knows and admits that.  He realizes that he cannot help himself.

In his emptiness, the tax collector leaves plenty of room for God and God’s mercy.

On our spiritual journey, imperfections and sins can be very frustrating.  Yet, the realization or awareness of them is a moment of grace.  In fact, it is the voice of God speaking in our conscience that leads us to the awareness sins, and consequently, our need for God.  However, that can only happen if we allow God to speak to us, and we allow ourselves to listen to God’s voice.  (In this sense, the grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation begins even before the moment of confession).

Only when we are aware and accept that we are sinners that we can allow God’s mercy and grace to enter our hearts.

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