February 1, 2014

Presentation of the Lord


My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

There are two details in this passage of Luke’s Gospel that indicate where Simeon and Anna meet the child Jesus. 

First, Simeon meets both parents, Joseph and Mary, when they bring the child Jesus to the temple.  He then speaks to Mary, a woman.

Second, Anna, “a prophetess” is another woman, who “gave thanks to God and spoke about the child.”

Mary and Anna would have stayed in the area known as the “Court of the Women” of the temple.  They were not allowed in the area reserved for the men (Court of the Israelites) or the Court of the Priests.   

The Court of the Women is the outermost section for the Jewish people.  It is for women, who were considered the least of the people.  There, as an infant, the Savior let people meet him.  

As an adult, the Savior would reach out to be with the outcasts of society, tax collectors, sinners, Gentiles, lepers, ....

The Savior is present among the lowliest of His people. In them, our eyes will see Him.

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