December 27, 2014

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph -


My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

This Gospel passage gives us two lessons on both receiving and sharing God’s salvation.

Receiving God’s salvation:
Simeon’s desire, a desire of his lifetime, is to “see God’s salvation.”  Once he has seen God’s promise fulfilled, the longing of his life is also fulfilled. 

Do we have the same absolute desire for God?  When we do, we would be more ready to recognize God’s presence around us, and would know more and more how great a gift it is.

Sharing God’s salvation:
The gift of God’s salvation is given to Simeon in an infant, and through a family carrying out their religious duties. 

Many a times, we bring God and God’s salvation into the lives of others by doing what God asks of us, as ordinary and routine as they can be.

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