August 29, 2015

22nd Sunday - B

Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23

Hear and Understand”

This Sunday, we return to the Gospel of Mark.

There are two possible approaches to the message of the passage selected for this Sunday.

First, to look at it from a wider context. Second, from this particular passage.

From the wider context, there is a general theme for what is proclaimed today and the next two Sunday. Today, Mark presents the power of Jesus in his teaching. Next Sunday, the power of Jesus is revealed through one of his miracles. Then, the third Sunday, after having witnessed the power of Jesus, the disciples will be asked who they think Jesus is. Afterwards, Jesus reveals to them his identity.

On the power of Jesus in his words, in this particular passage, Mark reminds us to “hear, and to understand” so that our hearts may never be far from the Lord and his teachings.  

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