November 7, 2015

32nd Sunday - B


Her Whole Livelihood

Jesus observes that the woman “contributed her whole livelihood.” The word bios translated here as “livelihood” can also be translated “life.” Fr. Frank Moloney, SDB., suggests that the “double meaning is intended” for out of love and trust, she in fact offers her life. [1]

The widow is poor. Some scholars suggest that the Greek word ptochoi used here to described her indicates that she is “the poorest of the poor, a widow reduced to begging.” [2]

But her poverty does not limit her generosity.

Jesus is already in Jerusalem. His mission is near its climatic point. In a short time, he would offer his own life to God and to humanity.

Do I put limits on my generosity and service?

[1]. Francis J. Moloney. The Gospel of Mark, A Commentary. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2002; p. 247.

Greek has two words for "poor"--penes and ptochos. Penes means "working poor." Ptochos, on the other hand, means being destitute. To put it another way: Penes means having to work. Ptochos means having to beg.

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