December 19, 2015

4th Sunday of Advent - C


Blessed Are You”

On this last Sunday of Advent, St. Luke offers us the examples of two women who carry out God's will in their ordinary lives.

Mary, a young woman, goes to visit and helps an older relative in her time of needs. In doing so, she brings the Savior to her cousin Elizabeth and John, her son.

Elizabeth, from the natural movements of her son in her womb, recognizes the presence of the Savior.

Two women, ordinary by human standards, do ordinary things. Yet, one brings God and the gift of salvation. The other recognizes the unique blessing given to her and proclaims the presence of the Lord.

May we grow in awareness of the Lord's presence in our lives. Consequently, we would be more grateful and intentional of the opportunities and privilege of bringing God's Salvation and Love to others in the most ordinary moments of our lives.  

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