January 16, 2016

2nd Sunday - C


The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Most often, we reflect on this Gospel passage of the wedding at Cana looking at Mary, or the disciples, or the couple, particularly at wedding Masses, or Jesus as he performs his first sign here in John's Gospel.

Today, on this 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, let's look at the waiters.

The waiters simply do their job: doing what the guests ask, filling up water jars, taking water to the headwaiter. They do their ordinary tasks.

The key is that they do these ordinary tasks in Jesus' presence and at his command.

And the result is extraordinary. Gallons and gallons of good wine. The waiters, Mary, and Jesus save the day.

The waiters are firsthand witnesses of Jesus' very first sign.

Jesus is likewise present in our daily and so often ordinary lives. His presence makes our lives extraordinary. Thus, every ordinary thing we carry out can be extraordinary if we do them at his command, and with him at our side.

And may our eyes be open to see the extraordinary things Jesus is doing in our lives. 

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