March 5, 2016

4th Sunday of Lent - C


Who is God? Who are My Brothers and Sisters?

The older son sees himself as a slave. He does not address his father as “father.”

Understandably, he does not refer to the other son as his brother, but only as “your son” when he speaks to his father.

Interestingly, even the servant knows the truth. The servant, in speaking to the older son, speaks of “your father” and “your brother.”

And certainly, that is how the father sees the relationships in his family. He calls the older son “my son” and speaks about the younger son as “your brother.”

When I don't see myself as a child of God, I would not see others as my brothers and sisters.

With this parable, Jesus teaches us that not only does God love us, God's mercy is so great that to God, I am always “my child,” and others always “your brothers” and “your sisters.”

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