November 5, 2016

32nd Sunday - C


The Resurrection Matters

The Sadducees “deny that there is a resurrection.” 

At the time of Jesus, the Sadducees happened to be the elite Temple leaders.  They in fact collaborated with the Roman occupiers to maintain the status quo.

Ironically, when the Romans destroyed the Jerusalem Temple in A.D. 70, the Sadducees were also annihilated and ceased to exist.   

When a person does not believe in the resurrection and eternal life, this earthly existence can lose its meaning and purpose. 

On the contrary, by now – Chapter 20 in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus has arrived in Jerusalem.  In two chapters (by the end of Chapter 22), he would be arrested and crucified.  He died.  Then he was raised and became the source of resurrection for all humanity.

His whole earthly life and ministry is oriented towards this moment of his death and resurrection.  His life has a purpose.  He lives for God and others. 

It does matter on what and whom we build this earthly existence of ours.  

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