February 10, 2017

6th Sunday - A (February 12, 2017)

Matthew 5: 17-37

Who, not What, to Follow

Laws, rules, principles, customs, and regulations provide the necessary basics and foundations.  This can be seen in games, sports, music, arts, etc.  as well as in family life and all human relationships.

Let’s take the example of a sport.  There are certain rules that everybody needs to follow in the game.  Then there are the basic techniques, set plays, strategies, etc. 

A start athlete knows the rules, and masters the techniques and strategies.  Yet, he/she becomes a star for the creativity and moments of ingenuity. 

So it is with Christian spiritual life.

There are the basics, which the law, traditions, and principles provide, for all to observe. 

But it is Jesus Christ who inspires, and who is the supreme model for Christians to follow.  In this way, Christians continue to be the presence of Christ to others, the light of the world, and the salt of the earth (the theme which began with last week’s Gospel passage).

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