March 25, 2017

4th Sunday of Lent - A (March 26, 2017)


Open to Jesus

In this Gospel passage, we find two progressions – toward faith in Jesus and away from Jesus.

Those who oppose Jesus move away from him.  Initially, some of them are open to the possibility that Jesus might be from God based on what he could do.  In the end, they conclude that he is a sinner. 

The man born blind first refers to his healer as “the man called Jesus.”  Next, he proclaims, “He is a prophet.”  Then, he professes that Jesus is from God.  Finally, he addresses Jesus as Lord and worships him.

The key difference between those who oppose Jesus and the man born blind is the encounter with Jesus.  Ironically, Jesus’ opponents do not even once make any attempt to speak to him directly.  They question the man born blind more than once.  They even interrogate his parents.  But not Jesus. 

The man, on the contrary, speaks to Jesus when Jesus approaches him.  And he is willing to accept whatever Jesus will tell him.

The Lord Jesus always takes the first approach and speaks to us.  May we have our eyes open to see him, our ears open to listen to him, and our hearts open to accept, love, and worship him.  

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