October 14, 2017

28th Sunday - A (October 14, 2017)


The Wedding Feast for the King’s Son

Imagine myself as one of the guests in the parable.  I am invited – by the king, to “the wedding feast for his son.” 

Would I say no?

It’s unthinkable to say no to a king.  Period. 

And for such an occasion – the wedding feast for the king’s son, certainly it is a privilege of the few to be invited.

And when I am invited, how would I get ready for it?  With what attitude and excitement would I find myself going into the feast?

Today, God invites me to such a feast – the Eucharist.

Does this parable challenge me to evaluate how I approach the wedding feast of the Lamb of God?

 Image source:  www.agnusday.org

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