February 24, 2018

2nd Sunday of Lent - B (February 25, 2018)

“My Beloved Son”

We have completed exactly 10 days, which is a quarter, of Lent. 

Today’s Gospel offers us a chance to evaluate our Lenten journey.  It is not about how good a job we have been doing with our Lenten practices.  It is about how much we are becoming truer to our identity as children of God.

This identity is the gift that Jesus, the “beloved Son” of God shares with us by his death on the cross and his resurrection.  The vision of the transfiguration of Jesus calls us to be mindful of the same transformation God has begun in us with our baptism. 
At the end of this Lenten journey, as we celebrate the gift of the new and eternal life, may we become more like Jesus Christ, the “beloved Son” of God.    

 Image:  Carl Bloch, Transfiguration of Jesus www.wikipedia.org

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