March 24, 2018

Palm Sunday - B (March 25, 2018)

Who Is My King?

During the time of Jesus, Palestine was under Roman rule.  Roman soldiers had their base in Caesarea Maritima, west of Jerusalem.  When the occupying forces marched into Jerusalem, they would want to show their military might.  For our interest, visualize the Roman cavalries on horses.  Moreover, in ancient cultures, a warrior king comes riding on horses.

The reading from Mark used today for the procession with palms tells us that Jesus comes into Jerusalem from Bethany to the east.  He rides on a colt as a king who comes in peace, not a warrior on a horse.

This king of peace conquers by his cross.  Thus, it is only on the cross where his true identity is revealed.  Witnessing his death, the centurion professed, “Truly this man was the son of God.”  (Mark 15:39)

I have to ask myself, who is the king that I follow in my life, in my thoughts, my attitude, my words, and actions?

Notes on geography are taken from John Petty,

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