July 13, 2019

15th Sunday - C (July 14, 2019)

The Compassion and Mercy of the Kingdom of God

Jesus continues to travel toward Jerusalem to fulfill his mission.  Last week, we learned that he sent out his disciples to proclaim “the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  Their message includes the gift of peace.

Today, Jesus continues the proclamation of the Kingdom of God in calling us to live with compassion and mercy. 

In between the two passages, Jesus declares that his Gospel is a gift from the Father, “Lord of heaven and earth,” to “the childlike.”  Moreover, it is “hidden from the wise and the learned” (10:21). 

The Jewish audience of the parable of the Good Samaritan is in for a big surprise.  Jesus challenges them, Jewish people, to imitate a Samaritan.  This outsider “was moved with compassion” for the victim of the robbers.  He goes out of his way to care for the victim.  He spends money, the amount equaled to two days’ worth of labor, and even goes into debt for whatever it might cost him, to make sure the victim is cared for while he is absent.

The Samaritan indeed has “treated him with mercy.”  

Image source:  www.agnusday.org

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