February 1, 2020

Presentation of the Lord (February 2, 2020)

God’s Consecration

The feast of the Presentation of the Lord marks the event when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the Temple so that Jesus might be “consecrated to the Lord.”

With Baptism, all Christians are consecrated to God, which means “to be made holy” or “to be dedicated to a sacred purpose.” [1]

Saint Pope John Paul II highlighted this concept of consecration when he established this day to be the World Day of Consecrated Life in 1997.  Religious profession or consecration continues this gift of holiness in men and women who God calls to this way of life.

Please pray for us religious to be more faithful and generous in our response to God’s consecration – to be holy.  

Please encourage young people to consider this vocation, and pray for those who God calls it.  May they listen and be open to God’s invitation to consecrate their lives to God, guided by the Holy Spirit, so that the whole world may see God’s salvation in Jesus Christ.

[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com
Image source:  Philippe de Champaigne, The Presentation in the Temple.  commons.wikimedia.org 


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