January 17, 2009


2nd Sunday - B
John 1: 35-42

Come and You Will See

The two disciples heard the testimony of John the Baptist and followed Jesus. But it is Jesus who takes the initiative and reaches out to them when he asks them, "What are you looking for?"

Then Jesus invites them, "Come, and you will see." Again, it is Jesus' initiative.

The two stay with Jesus for the day.

John has introduced Jesus to the two as "the Lamb of God." However, at the initial encounter, to them Jesus is a rabbi, just another teacher. Yet, after they have spent the day with Jesus, they know know him as "the Messiah" as Andrew shares the news with his brother Simon. One day spent with Jesus makes the difference. We know from reading the rest of the Gospel According to John that their faith at this stage is not yet complete. Nevertheless, they now know Jesus no longer as just any rabbi, but the Messiah.

Jesus continues to offer us the same invitation, "Come and you will see." Only in Him can we find the true longing of our hearts.

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