April 10, 2010


2nd Sunday of Easter
John 20;19-31

A Personal Encounter with the Risen Lord

Thomas hears about Jesus' presence and resurrection from the other disciples. Thomas himself is "one of the Twelve" as the writer of John's Gospel reminds us. Yet, hearing about Jesus and his resurrection, even from his friends, is not enough for Thomas to have faith.

Thomas "[comes] to believe" and is able to profess his faith, "My Lord and my God" only after he himself has had a personal encounter with the Risen Christ.

We, as disciples of the Risen Christ, may not be able to "see the mark of the nails in his hands and put [our] finger into the nailmarks and put [our hands] into his side." Nevertheless, we continue to encounter the Lord in the community, in His Word, and in the Eucharist. The blessing Jesus promises to "those who have not seeen and have believed" is for us.

In addition, in our efforts to witness to the Risen Christ, it is never enough to speak to others about Him and His presence. In order to come to believe, people must have a personal encounter with the Lord. We do so if in our lives others can see, hear, touch, and are loved by the Lord. Jesus' commission to forgive sins enables us to be like God. In our forgiving of others' offenses, and in our efforts to share Christ's gift of peace, we become the loving presence of God to our brothers and sisters.

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