April 17, 2010


3rd Sunday of Easter
John 21:1-19

Places of Encountering with the Risen Christ

The disciples, especially Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple, have come to believe in the Lord's resurrection from seeing the empty tomb, and from seeing the Lord appearing to them in the locked room (ref. Gospels of the 2 previous Sundays). Yet, they seem so quickly to return to their previous life, as if nothing has happened. "Simon Peter said to them, 'I am going fishing.' They said to him, 'We also will come with you.'” How could they go fishing? The darkness of the surroundings is a symbol of their inner darkness.

It's to these disciples who seem confused and lost, the Risen Christ appears. Not to just one of them, but to the whole group. It is in the community of believers, who all have their struggles and ups and downs in their faith journey, that we encounter the Risen Christ together.

To the community, the Risen Lord speaks. His words continue to bring to life His presence among His disciples of all times.

In His words, like Peter, we also come to know God's mercy, forgiveness and love. To Simon, who has denied Him, and has led his friends to go away on this fishing trip, Jesus asks, "Simon, son of John, do you love me?

And the Risen Christ feeds the community of hungry and tired followers with a prepared meal. The Lord still prepares for us the meal of his life and love today.

Finally, to Simon Peter, the repented sinner, the Risen Lord entrusts his followers, "Feed my sheep." In and through Peter, the Lord is still leading his followers. Thus the invitation at the end of dialogue between the Risen Christ and Peter, "Follow me."

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