November 13, 2010


33rd Sunday - C
Luke 21: 5-19

What, When, and How

For some reasons, people have been fascinated with the end of time for generations. It ranges from myths, writings, and movies about armageddon, the rapture... to the Y2K, 2012, and others.

Most recent in our memory is all the hype about the Y2K, which came and went.

In this Gospel passage of Luke 21: 5-19 and else where, Jesus tells us that there will be an end of the created world. The what is a certainty. We know and experience that in our own life. Nothing last forever. Our human life itself also ends.

However, we, with our human limitations, do not know the when, and the how. In fact, it is not in our power to know. Jesus warns us of the danger of being deceived by those who claim to know when the end comes.

Moreover, rejection and persecution can happen to believers. To affirm his followers, Jesus says, "Do not be terrified." Our assurance is the love and care of the all-knowing God, "not a hair on your head will be destroyed."

God's love is the certainty we have to carry us through the uncertainty of the when and how.

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