November 27, 2010


1st Sunday of Advent - A
Matthew 24:37-44

Beginning ............... Completion.

With Advent we prepare to celebrate the two comings of the Messiah.

The first time the Messiah came as the child born in Bethlehem. And that's the beginning.

The second coming of the Messiah is the completion, which will happen "at an hour you do not expect" on a day "you do not know."

To remind us of this faith reality, this passage from the Gospel According to Matthew was proclaimed to us today.

As we live in the in-between time, we know that the Messiah already came to save us. And that is why we celebrate Christmas.

We also know and believe that "the Son of Man" will return. Our guarantee of this is his words: "the Son of Man will come."

God's salvation of the human race and, in fact, of the whole universe, has begun with the coming of the Messiah at Bethlehem. God's loving plan of salvation will reach its completion when the Son of Man returns. This we know for sure.

So, while there is a sense of uncertainty of the when and how, we have the certainty that he is coming. And then, God's plan for us reaches its completion.

That is the journey and destiny of human history.

That is also the journey and destiny of our individual history. It has begun with God coming into our lives. It will reach its completion when He returns.

That is also the meaning of our daily life. The things we do, like the two men working in the field or the two women at the mill, have meaning and a destiny. They will be completed only if we place them in God's plan for us.

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