July 2, 2011

14th Sunday - A


Who Am I?

"Who am I?" That is one of the key questions that humanity for generations have been asking. Philosophers, thinkers, humanists, religious leaders ... have tried to come up with various answers.

For the people of faith, the answer is rather obvious in this Gospel passage.

We would never have an adequate answer to that foundational question on our own. In fact, it is not just a matter of answering a question or having a philosophical debate. On our own, outside of our relationship with God, we would be nobody.

If we are willing to accept it, we are the little ones. But not just any little ones. We are the little ones chosen by the "Lord of heaven and earth"

In fact, throughout the history of salvation, God has always shown his love to the little ones. The little ones are God's favorite.

However, when Jesus came to bring God's salvation to its fulfillment, the Son of God revealed to us that we are more than God's favorite. We are God's children.

The Lord of heaven and earth is our Father. The Lord of heaven and earth has chosen us to be His favorite sons and daughters.

There, God's gracious will.

And in the love of such a loving Father we belong. There, we exist. There, the answer for the question, "Who am I?"

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