July 29, 2011

18th Sunday - A


Give It All

After listening to some of Jesus' parables for a couple of weeks, we now return to the narrative part of the Gospel According to Matthew.

This section begins with Jesus being rejected by the people of his own town (13: 53-58). Then the story of the death of John the Baptist follows.

Jesus knows too well what awaits him. But "his heart was moved with pity for" the crowds and he would not abandon them

The disciples must have been exhausted by the size of the crowd. It is not quite clear whether in retrieving to the deserted place, Jesus wants to take his disciples away from the danger for the time being or to give them some rest.

Nevertheless, the disciples have had enough of the crowd.

Jesus would give his beloved his own life. Therefore, he can demand his disciples, no matter how tired they are, "Give them some food yourselves."

He is asking the same of me now!

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