November 30, 2013

1st Sunday of Advent - A (December 1, 2013)


The Coming of the Son of Man

All of the parables/examples used by Jesus in this passage affirm that the Son of Man will come in the most ordinary moments of life.  The list includes eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, men being out in the field, and women grinding grains at the mill.  It is in those ordinary moments and activities that the Lord will come.

In fact, with the Incarnation, the first coming of the Son of God, every human reality can and indeed is an encounter with the invisible God.  Jesus is the Emmanuel, God with us.  The Kingdom of God is here, in the midst of our daily life and ordinary responsibilities of our calling.

God surely is present to us in moments of prayer, in God’s words, in the Sacraments, and other spiritual realities.  And the same God is present to us in the events of our daily life, in ourselves, and in the people around us. 

If we are sensitive to the Lord’s presence in the here and now, then we are ready for his second coming among us, whenever that might be.

On the contrary, we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and lose sight of the presence of the Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Advent calls us to train our interior eyes to see the God-with-us, and recognize Him in our ordinary life.  Then, we will be ready to celebrate His first coming at Christmas, as well as His second coming, whenever that might be.

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