November 8, 2013

32nd Sunday


The Everlasting and the Fleeting

The Sadducees, in making up an absurd scenario, illustrate their denial “that there is a resurrection.”  They cannot see beyond the here and now of this fleeting world. 

Consequently, they, the temple priests [1], find Jesus a threat to their earthly authority and power.  They build their lives and power on their short-sighted value system of things that do not last.   They make things that one day will die their gods.

Jesus invites us to live truly as children of the living God whose value system is everlasting.  

While we live in this world, God blesses us with fleeting things to sustain us.  May we never allow those created and fleeting things replace the ever-living Creator.

[1]  Footnote on Luke 20:27 and Matthew 3:7, The New American Bible, Revised Edition, 2011.

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