August 17, 2014

20th Sunday - A


“Great is Your Faith”

Last week (19th Sunday), Jesus walked on the water and calmed the storm.  But at first, the disciples were “terrified” and “cried out in fear.”  They quickly forgot that it was Jesus who “made them get into the boat” and cross the sea.  Peter doubted even when he asked and Jesus told him to come, walking on the water.

The disciples could recognize Jesus as “the Son of God” only after they had seen his power.

Today, a gentile, the Canaanite woman, recognizes and professes Jesus as “Lord” and “Son of David.” 

Unlike the disciples, she has faith in Jesus and professes it even before Jesus heals her daughter.  She does not need or demand the Son of David to respond to her request as a condition of her faith.  Acknowledging him as Lord, and knowing who she is, she could beg him, “Have pity on me.”  Then again, “Lord, help me,” after having done him homage.  
Thus, Jesus commends, “O woman, great is your faith!”  

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