August 30, 2014

22nd Sunday - A

Matthew 16: 21-27

What Messiah

Today’s Gospel passage follows immediately the passage we heard last Sunday.
In the full text, there is a transition phrase that is omitted here, which is “From that time on.”

 A small detail, perhaps. 

But we must not lose sight of the link that connects the two passages.

Peter and the other disciples professed their faith in Jesus, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (16:16).  And it is their faith in a Messiah of their own definition. 

Now, Jesus tells them God’s definition of the Messiah. 

Don’t we often find ourselves like Peter, believe in and are ready to follow the Messiah who operates according to our agenda?

The invitation and challenge of discipleship is to follow the Messiah who operates according to God’s agenda.  

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