September 20, 2014

25th Sunday - A


“Am I not free to do what I please with my own?”

The landowner hires five groups of laborers.  Yet, it is only with the first group does he have an agreement with them about their wages. 

At the end of the workday, he pays them the agreed amount.

Jesus does not say anything about the attitude of all the laborers who were hired late in the day.

Only the first group complains.  It is probably understandable that they feel cheated.  But they receive the amount they have agreed with the landowner.

Jesus begins the parable with, “The kingdom of heaven is like.”

Membership in the kingdom is not something upon which we agreed with God.  God is not obliged to give it to us, as the landowner asks the first laborers, “Am I not free to do what I please with my own?”  

It is a grace, freely given.  Blessed are those who recognize God’s graciousness to us.

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