September 27, 2014


Freedom and True Love

The father, a figure of absolute authority in an ancient culture, only asks his sons to go and work in the vineyard.  He does not force them.

God gives us free will, and God allows us to freely choose how we would respond to God’s love. 

The father does not check on the son who said “yes,” to see if he keeps his words.

We know we do not always deserve the trust and respect God puts in us.  But God stills respect the freedom that God has given us. 

There, God does not impose on us God’s love with a kind of force obligation.   Rather, God offers us a constant invitation to grow in true love.

Lastly, we have Jesus, who is the exemplary Son of the Father.  By this time in Matthew’s narrative, Jesus has entered Jerusalem.  There, he would soon offer the supreme act of obedience and love to the Father: he freely chose to do the Father’s will by accepting the cross.  His whole life, in attitudes, words and action, is an act of love.

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