October 10, 2014

28th Sunday - A


God Gets in My Way

There are times when we allow our things get in God’s way.  The list includes our own plans and desires, sins, pride, things that we don’t want to let go, our lack of trust, etc.

However, can there be times when God gets in our way?

That might be one way of looking at the reaction of the first group of guests in this parable.  

Jesus identifies them as “the invited guests” who are now “summoned” to the feast when “everything is ready.” 

The description “invited guests” suggests that they have received an earlier invitation prior to this moment.  They knew about it.

But they already have their plans.

And now, God’s plan for them gets in their way.  We know how they react.   

Have I ever allowed such a situation to happen in my life?

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